Dinner & Banqueting Candles

  • Dinner and Banqueting Candles

    These candles are made using the traditional ‘Hand Dipped Method’. This means they burn for longer,and with a  large mesmerising flame as experienced by our forebears.


    Height: Burn Time:
    8″/20cm 8/9hrs
    10″/25cm 10/11hrs
    12″/30cm 12/13hrs

    Width: 7/8″/22mm

    Colours: White, Ivory, Red, Bordeaux, Blue, Green, Yellow, Grey, Black, Purple, Tangerine, Brown, Lime Green, Gold and Silver.

    Scents: Creamy Vanilla, Strawberries and Cream, Sparking Fruit Cocktail, Fresh Green Tea and Champagne and Roses.

    Note: Other sizes can be made, also scents and colours can often be combined

Dinner & Banqueting Candles